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I’m Rachel Collins and I am an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. I help women to turbo-charge their own personal super powers and become the healthiest, happiest and most successful version of themselves; by changing what they put in their minds and mouths.

The first step on the journey to health, happiness and success is food. You need good fuel for this adventure lovely lady, so download my free recipe guide to get you started.

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Turbocharge your superpowers and become the healthiest, happiest and most successful version of you with 1-1 Health Coaching

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Simple Health Sessions

What’s so bad about sugar?

Sugar has been demonised in the media recently. Everywhere we look we are being told to cut down on sugar because it is linked with diabetes and obesity. We're finally starting to understand that it's sugar rather than fat that actually makes us fat. But...

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What does “healthy” really mean?

Welcome to the very first episode of the Simple Health Sessions. This episode is the introduction to the series and I am talking about what HEALTH really means. How do we objectively measure health? Is it by our weight? How we look? How far we can run?...

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How often should you clean your make up brush?

While we were away in Disneyland Paris, I managed to knock my bronzer brush into a sink of dirty water. Ironically this happened just as I was marvelling at how much stuff we had spread out in the hotel bathroom and wondering if there was something to be...

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