How to stop craving comfort food

Three types of comfort food cravings and how to get rid of them for good!
When I first start working with a client they often ask if they’re allowed to continue eating certain foods “because they are my go-to comfort foods”. These foods are not normally the most healthy choice but women really feel like they can’t live without them! They certainly can’t imagine being able to stop craving comfort food.

Often women crave foods that remind them of a certain time in their life; foods that remind them of a happier time. Women also often go for warm foods – it’s very rare that somebody has craving for cold, raw salad. And probably most frequently, women crave very sweet foods as their comfort food.

So firstly why do we crave food? And does it actually give us comfort? Because when you stop and think about is a bit of a bizarre idea – that food gives you emotional comfort. Watch the video below to find out three reasons why and some tips on how to stop cravings comfort food.


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