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Baby has been inconsolable for what feels like forever and everyone’s answer is: ‘It’s colic, there’s nothing you can do’.

‘It gets better on it’s own… in a few months’ they assure you.

How frustrating is that? You are exhausted and you just want to enjoy these first few months with your baby. Not feel at your wits end with a poor little bubba who is clearly in discomfort. I get it and I might be able to help.

I show Mamas how to make evidence-based diet and lifestyle changes which relieve baby’s discomfort and help Mamas get some well-deserved peace and quiet.

So how does it work?

The milk your baby drinks, the environment your baby is in and even your own stress levels as a Mum can impact your baby. All these elements combined will affect babies in different ways. Some babies have wonderful, strong digestive systems and nothing phases them. Others are a little more delicate, or have less mature systems and they are more easily affected if something isn’t quite right. I’m guessing if you are reading this, you have a little one who is struggling and I can help you to make simple changes and minimise discomfort (and the crying!!!)

What’s Included?

This coaching package consists of:

  • 1 hour telephone or Skype coaching session with me,
  • 30 minute follow-up session around 10 days later.
  • You will also have ongoing email support from me between the sessions to make sure you are fully supported every step of the way.

Before we start the coaching you will fill out a detailed history form for me. This information forms the basis of my assessment and allows me to understand why your baby might be suffering. It also means that we can hit the ground running in our sessions and get straight on to the advice instead of you filling me in on the background.

How much does it cost?

The total cost for the package described above is £155 (Approx $220 / €200 at the time of writing).

Extra sessions are bookable at £70 per session if needed but this is unusual.

Who can I help?

Breastmilk vs formula babies: While it is certainly easier to influence the food supply of a breastfed baby (Mummas milk is directly impacted by what she eats) there are still things we can work on if your baby is formula fed.

Reflux: I cannot promise the get rid of reflux but I have worked with babies with reflux and their symptoms do improve after making some of the simple changes I put in place.

Premies: Premature babies can have a lot of complications and looking after a premie baby is tough! Again, I cannot promise to solve all your problems, but I can help you optimise mum and baby’s nutrition to support baby’s digestion and Mum’s emotional wellbeing. I know how close a bond many parents have with their premature baby’s medical team and I will never contradict advice given by your paediatrician or other healthcare providers.

Mamas all over the world: I work via telephone and Skype so have clients all over the world!

I Need this! How do I book?

Click here to schedule your first appointment immediately. We will arrange your follow up appointment when we speak.

Let’s put an end to the crying and let your family get some rest. 

Praise for Rachel

Rachel came to my rescue when I was in desperate need of help. My newborn was suffering terribly from colic with hours of screaming and writhing around. I was breastfeeding, and didn’t know where to start to help him feel more comfortable. Rachel was calm, professional and wonderful. She did a full analysis of my day, feeding and diet. She then recommended a plan of action that was completely tailored towards me and my baby. The results were dramatic. Within one week, I had a follow up call with Rachel, and I was pleased to report that the crying had reduced considerably. Rachel’s urgent support came just at the right time. There are many underlying causes to colic, but with Rachel’s help, I am confident you will find the solution.

Helen Packham

Life and Business Coach, Empowering Minds

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