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It's time to take care of you

I know what you are thinking. You are so busy looking after everyone else that it’s hard to find the time and the energy to look after you. The Mums Health Coaching package helps you find prioritise you so that you have the energy and the passion for all the other people in your life. I help you to  look after your physical and emotional health to at any stage of motherhood. This package will be specifically tailored to where you are in your journey.

Are you ready to reclaim your mind and body?

What is Mums Health Coaching all about?

I am here to cherish and empower mothers. Whether you have just had your first, or your fifth baby, had baby last month, last year or last decade; you deserve love, attention and support to help you reclaim your mind, body and soul. The is a programme totally focussed on supporting you as a Mum to be healthy and happy. This does not cover how to look after your baby or child.

Mums Health coaching can help you:

– Get your energy back,

– Balance your hormones,

– Nourish your body,

– Feel in control of your time

– Enjoy your time with your child,

-Banish the guilt,

– Lose weight – safely! *

– LOVE your body


* I will NOT advise anyone to lose weight before the 6 week postnatal check with your GP. Once you have the ‘all clear’ I will offer diet and nutrition advice to support safe and natural weight loss. I do not recommend calorie-restricted or starvation diets for anyone!

There is more to health than what we eat

We are nourished and energised by our relationships with family, friends and our children and babies, by our careers or vocation in life, by physical activity and by our connection with the world around us. This is why all my clients are encouraged to discuss al of these areas of life in our sessions. My advice and recommendations range across diet and nutrition, herbs, lifestyle, work and career, exercise and relationships.

Exploring your emotions

During our 1-1 sessions you will be encouraged to talk through your feelings about motherhood. It isn’t often that anyone gets the opportunity to talk through their feelings in a loving and supportive environment. We can talk about birth trauma, your relationship with your partner or friends, feelings about returning to work (or not) or any other big transition that is going on in your life right now.

Unresolved issues drain your energy, damage relationships and can drive you to poor food and lifestyle choices.

Please know that this is NOT a counselling or diagnosis service. It is not intended to replace the support from your GP for postnatal depression. If you think you might have PND please contact your GP or your health visitor or midwife.

Issues that can be supported with nutrition and lifestyle changes:

  • Poor Digestion
  • Constipation
  • Haemorrhoids (piles)
  • Low Iron (Anaemia)
  • Low Energy / Fatigue
  • Weight Loss
  • Low Milk Supply
  • Gas & Bloating
  • Low Immune System
  • Blood Sugar Crashes
  • Irritability & Bad Moods
  • Release of Toxins
  • PMS / PMT
  • Reducing Inflammation
  • Cravings
  • Stress

A healthy, happy Mum makes a healthy, happy family!

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What’s a discovery call?? 

Health Coaching takes commitment, from both you AND me! We have to be sure that we are going to be a good fit and that I can really help you thrive! A discovery call is a free chat, via Skype or over the phone. We will discuss where you are now, what your goals are and decide what the best ‘next steps’ are for your unique situation. How does that sound? Ready for a chat? Select your time zone below and book a Discovery Call today.

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