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I’m Rachel Collins and I am an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. I help women to turbo-charge their own personal super powers and become the healthiest, happiest and most successful version of themselves; by changing what they put in their minds and mouths.

The first step on the journey to health, happiness and success is food. You need good fuel for this adventure lovely lady, so download my free recipe guide to get you started.

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Discover Your Kryptonite

Uncover your hidden food intolerances and take back control of your weight, energy and immune system with this self-study course.

1-1 Health Coaching

Turbocharge your superpowers and become the healthiest, happiest and most successful version of you with 1-1 Health Coaching

Peaceful Periods

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Learn how to love your cycle and have pain-free, peaceful periods with Group PMS Coaching

Simple Health Sessions

Two simple steps to clear the overwhelm and reach your goals

Being overwhelmed is seriously stressful And just like any other kind of stress it elicits one of three responses. Fight, flight or freeze. NONE of these responses is helpful to you. They are protection mechanisms that actually aren’t serving you in anyway. In fact they may be doing you harm.

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How to stay sane on family holidays

You're on a beautiful holiday. You're in paradise! So why does it feel like hell?   Overnight flights, jet lag, extreme heat, strange foods and a major shift in routine all disrupt kiddies and put this Mummy at risk of turning from mother into monster! Family holidays...

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4 tools to love and accept your body for the size it is now

Overheard in the playground: “I don’t want to buy at this size” Oh I just wanted to run right over and give this mama a hug… Now I might take these things out of context sometimes and maybe this Mum wasn’t talking about buying clothes for herself while she was unhappy...

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