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I’m Rachel Collins, Health Coach and Business Mentor with tons of education in health and wellness but more importantly, years of experience as an overstretched, busy mum and business owner. I help women to turbo-charge their own personal super powers and become the healthiest, happiest and most successful version of themselves.

The first step on the journey to health, happiness and success is food. You need good fuel for this adventure lovely lady, so download my free recipe guide to get you started.

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4 tools to love and accept your body for the size it is now

Overheard in the playground: “I don’t want to buy at this size” Oh I just wanted to run right over and give this mama a hug… Now I might take these things out of context sometimes and maybe this Mum wasn’t talking about buying clothes for herself while she was unhappy...

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Coping with stress and exhaustion

How often do you get a break? Taking a break as a mum can feel not only impossible at times, but also can make you feel incredibly guilty. How crazy is that? Why do we feel guilty for looking after ourselves? Despite the worries that if we slow down or stop, everything will fall apart, taking a break is crucial for our own wellbeing.

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How to spring clean your body

It is time for a spring detox – Spring is the best time of year to support your body’s natural detoxification pathways. Here’s how to do a Spring detox without going on some crazy diet, starving or depriving yourself.

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